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The Decoder Suite is a platform for decoding of any kind of data structure, which is based either on offsets or ASN.1 BER notation. Also any nested structures are possible.

The generic approach permits the decoding of nearly all kind of binary data, such as
  • computer files (program files, graphic files, database files, savegames etc.)
  • data records
  • memory dumps
  • interface communication tracers
  • communication protocol tracers
  • etc...

Own data definitions can be added with less effort and without learning proprietary description languages etc. All definitions can be edited with easy and intuitive tools, supported by a context-sensitive online help.

The entire platform is characterized by its easy and intuitive use, for decoding tasks as well as for data administration and maintenance tasks.

XML interfaces, pre- and post-Processor interfaces permit the user to directly enhance the functionality according to the particular needs.

Demos and Tutorials are included.
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