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    [Tony Workshop] is the professionl software develop group in shanghai. We do many software customization works.




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[Tony's Language Master] is a suit of VCL components for Delphi & BCB. You could create a multilingual software with just drop some components on the form, and write a language descript file. With this package, you could write a new project or update an exists project into multilingual quickly. It counld load all valid language descript file automatically, and detect the correct language to match the user's region settings. Or remember the user's language setting for the next use. It can support all vcl standard components and also all standard third party components. You can change the application's language at run time, and all sub forms and classes will load the new language immediately. Features Search the application's path for language descript file, or use specify language files. Customize the default language of application, or auto use the language that match the user's current region settings. Change the application's character set when load a language. Load all component's language when form create or change language. Could indicate which properties could be change when load a language. Support all vcl components, even unknown components. Easily create a language select menu, just need one line's coding. Support OnLanguageChanged() event, you could do some extra works that we havn't thought. Load the string from language descript file with parameter, you can do an combination. (just like Format() function). All forms and multilingual classes (have a member of TtlmObject) will update to the new language when you change the current language of application.
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