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KCL Design System is a set of Delphi components and units that help you to create a program with a "user designable form" (and much more), as in Delphi IDE itself. With this package, you can simply achieve: * Designable Form and Controls/Components * Design Popup Menu with Component Editor * Component Tree View * Object Inspector with Property Editor and Name Space * Component Palette * Components Clipboard Copy/Paste Support * DFM Style File Input / Output * RTTI Wrapper Classes KCL Design System may helps you to build: * Application with customizable interface to the end users * Complex user-definable database/nondatabase reports * Much more than I can image... KCL Design System has already been used in some commercial softwares to help user build small multimedia applications.
This is the trial version of KCL Design System with Help and EXE demos.
Added: 18-03-2003/1-04-2003   |  Version: 1.0   |  Downloads: 250/233/1
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