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  Baerware (Sebastian Bärhausen) [email] 

    I'm a student of Computer Science living in Germany.
    My favourite programming languages are Delphi and JAVA.




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With TSoniqueRemote and TSoniqueVis you are able to program your own MP3 player even with visual effects using some functions of the Sonique 1.x player.
TSoniqueRemote is used to manage the playlist and other functions of Sonique.
With TSoniqueVis you can easily render all those great visual plugins available for Sonique (*.svp) in your own applications.
Moreover you can write your own visual plugins in Delphi with the new plugin Simple Plugin.
Added: 13-11-2002/23-09-2003   |  Version: 1.1   |  Downloads: 1421/1407/11
Author:Sebastian Bärhausen   Baerware   [DSP files]


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