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Powerful socket library with components for: TCP Client, TCP Server, UDP Socket and Host Lookup. Advanced features include throttling and connecting via Socks5/HTTP Tunnel proxies. [more]
Added: 14-10-2002/17-12-2002   |  Version: 3.12   |  Downloads: 3899/3894/40
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Collection of code libraries: * Utility functions for Integer, Bit, Set, Float, Memory and Dynamic Arrays. * Ansi String functions. * Date and Time functions. * Data structures: Arrays, Dictionaries and Linked Lists. * System functions: Registry, Windows API and File Utilities. * NEW! Unicode functions: Unicode character and string functions. [more]
Added: 4-11-2002/17-12-2002   |  Version: 3.12   |  Downloads: 4101/4093/26
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