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Run-time Exception Dumper is a powerful library tool linked to your delphi applications and placed between operating system and Delphi kernel libraries using the most advanced low level interception techniques. It is based on the stack frames walking theory, and integrated with the Borland Debug Symbolic Informations it discovers any error in your source code, both in a single or multi-threaded environment. Run-time Exception Dumper is capable to catch and decode ANY kind of exception returning informations to the application like module, unit, class, method name and error line number, as well as a built-in real-time disassembly of the trapped instruction, by walking through each involved module, either main executable or related linked DLLs. Run-time Exception Dumper is fully object oriented designed software. All classes are published to grant the exception dumper extendibility and its customization. It includes many low level system classes used to develop itself, and to aid the advanced developers to get the opportunity to add advanced capabilities to the own applications. Its key feature is to reduce the debugging time, and maintenance cost for the development company, and let to discover easily and immediately the right place in code where the unhandled exceptions occur. The application compiled with Run-time Exception Dumper (no run-time fee) can be delivered to the end users giving you the information you need to monitor and debug your products. This approach reduces maintenances and bug fixing time and costs.
Added: 24-09-2002/14-10-2002   |  Version: 2.0.0   |  Downloads: 349/347/1 S.r.l.   [Homepage]   [DSP files]

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Trial version of the Run-time Exception Dumper standard edition
Added: 14-10-2002   |  Version: 2.0.0   |  Downloads: 263/263/0 S.r.l.   [Homepage]   [DSP files]


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