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    Components make Life easier! JSSplash a spash screen in a component. JSJustAbout a nice about screen in a component, includes version info and system info by default. JSVersion Retrieves version information on your program, or another program (compare and stop Help emails before they start.) TJSSysInfo System information in a component, just drop it on and read the property you want to know about. JSGrid A sorting grid that accepts variant arrays to populate itself :-) JSFormTools an easy way to have your form remember where the user put it. Can also store other info with the form. JSCapNHook A journal hook limited to keyboard and mouse in a component. JSAppReg Run on startup with a click and more. JSLog Log files in a component (Great for debugging timing sensitive bugs. JSURLLabel Yep it's a Label that links to a url.




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Just Tools is a collection of components. It has been released in "limited" format: The Components are fully functional, but if you are not running in debug mode from Delphi, it will display a "Nag screen" on program#s startup because it is not a registered version. There will be upgrades to this collection coming out periodically. Only registered users will receive these upgrades. As I have programmed in Delphi, I have observed that there are things I end up doing over and over. I ran into a programming philosophy which stated that good programmers are lazy because they try never to write the same code more than three times --the third time they will write a library, or object :-) I have compiled some of the components I have written here. Some for a program where they would be used many times, and some because I use them over and over in each program. Here they are; more will follow. Suggestions for improvement or new components will be appreciated. Criticism will be filed in the appropriate receptacle. [more]
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