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Volumaid - is an ActiveX control which allows the user to render 3D objects from 4D data sources. No distribution Licence is necessary. Volumaid has been tested under Delphi 5/6, MSC++, and VB6.
The data is supplied to the component as a 3D volume of 'doubles'. A threshold (per layer) determins what is rendered inside or outside the volume.
Features include:
  • 24-bit rendering of (OpenGL based) 3D graphics.
  • Multiple Volumes (limited by memeory).
  • Multiple light sources.
  • Each volume can have upto 8 programmable layers, each rendered with their own material (which is programmable, and may be semi-transparent).
The ActiveX component displays a nag-box (and the text "(c)2002 Aicom Ltd" is displayed in the control) when a volume is submitted to an unregistered copy of the OCX, so it'll be under the Shareware banner. But other than that there are no restrictions to use or distribution. Both these nags are removed when the component is registered.
Registration price EU299 / $299 [or UKP185 (excl. VAT)] includes updates until Jan 2003.
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