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Introducing ComponentHaven DataHaven ado data access component set. This comprehensive ado component set provides you with all you need for fast, powerful and lightweight data access through Microsoft's data access components. This Delphi5&6 component set only requires MS MDAC 2.1 (Free) or higher to be installed. The DataHaven component set is based on ado and uses ado objects for the initial data retrieval, but thereafter uses SQL 92 to update and synchronize to the data store. It has excellent WAN capabilities, through its ability to "go offline", do processing or updates on the dataset, and when going online again send the changes to the server. Features: * Lightweight data access (DataHaven is lean on network traffic) * Developed and tuned especially for SQL SERVER 7 & 2000 * Updates data in a similar way as the TupdateObject * Can work off-line * Integrated with SQL security * Enhanced metadata integration into TField objects * Updates calculated fields, default constraints and trigger generated values on dataset directly after post, if online * Marries Client and Server side cursors in a brilliant manner The clever design behind DataHaven overcomes many common difficulties associated with data access.
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