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Serius and Interesting Administrative Calculator.
Added: 31-01-2002   |  Version: 2.0   |  Downloads: 504/504/1
Author:Aldo Ferszt   ASF Computer Products   [Homepage]   [DSP files]

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Delphi 6, Set of components for multiple purpose: Components 1.TAsfLocalizeClient and TAsfLocalizeServer. The objective of this components is to allow in a simple way the internationalization, globalization or localization of applications created with Delphi 6. It allows the translation of the " Caption ", Texts, etc. according to an selected language and that it can produce the developer like the final user. It includes an editor of languages and it allows the language change in runtime (on fly). It is based on the string and not in the individual components for what requires very little work to define new values for each language to use. Works with Forms, QuickReport and FastReport. Translates messages, lists, columns in your grid, reports, etc.. The resources characteristic of Delphi are not translated, but for it Delphi has the necessary tools. 2.TAsfTimer. AsfTimer is a thread timer for multiple purpose. 3.TAsfKeyPad. AsfKeyPad allows to create a visible keyboard with different Layouts (Telephone, Normal Calculator, Administrative Calculator, PC KeyBoard). AsfKeyPad generates an event when a key is pressed, returning the necessary data as to identify the same one. 4.TAsfDigit. AsfDigit is a visual component that shows a leds digit. 5.TAsfDigitPanel. AsfDigitPanel is a visual component that shows a panel of digits (TAsfDigit) with characteristic special that allow to send him direct data to show. 6.TAsfTapeDisplay. AsfTapeDisplay represents a small printer of paper ribbon (of the type used in administrative calculators). 7.TAsfCalcUnit. AsfCalcUnit is a non visual component that is in charge of solving operations according to the elected way. It was thought mainly to solve mathematical operations starting from the entrance of loose characters. It possesses exits for different types of components. 8.TAsfCalculator. AsfCalculator is a non visual component that when calling to the method Execute, a calculator that can be administrative or normal rises (according to a property). This component returns the final value that is shown in the display. Source and complete Help on Purchase / Registration u$s 30 on Product #155786.
Added: 10-03-2002/27-05-2002   |  Version: 1.03   |  Downloads: 491/456/0
Author:Aldo Ferszt   ASF Computer Products   [Homepage]   [DSP files]


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