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MNHiddenLines provide hiddenlines-calculations completly math based. Retrieve the calculated 2D- 3D- and maskbuffers after calculations. For fast screen output - use the OpenGL based buffer. Whenever you need to calculate hiddenlines (or hidden surfaces) you can use the MNHiddenLines to let the calculations be done. Shipping as a Windows library (DLL) and an ActiveX component, all Windows developers can use this CAD component - to facilitate their life. Simply define the planes of a cube, for example, feed them to the HiddenBuffer and hiddenlines are calculated automatically. The calculated vector data is located in different buffers (2D buffer, 3D buffer, mask buffer), and you can retrieve the data at any time. Write your own MoveTo- and LineTo Handler and set your own Distance- and Projectionfunctions or use the default ones (NormalDistance and Normalprojection). Take a look at our screenshots, helpfiles, documentations and samples - and you will see that this a great CAD utility.
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