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    By developping during 10 years with several developement tools, I retain in each some advantages and inconveniences.
    I consider Delphi as the most polyvalent (database, huge process, ...), the most complete (real compilator, object developement, referential to make models), and the most open (VCL and Active X).
    So I decide to create components to repair some inconveniences. At this time, only one is finished, but I have a lot of projects.




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QRA components are enhanced Quick Report standard components.

Drawing problems with Quick Report prevent create a report quickly.
By using Frames, you may verify if no text is printed on them, if there's no blanks between components, ...
QRA components correct that problems, Quick Report just print inside text, but not Frames, QRA print Frames themselves.
Also, changes allow create Frames with width 0 (1 single line), if you want.

New possibilities exist :
- QRALabel, QRADBText and QRAExpr have a VAlignment property for vertical alignment (Top, Center ou Bottom).
- QRADBText and QRAExpr have a NewValueOnly property to not print multiple same values.
- QRASysPage and QuickRepA are 2 new components that allow print : Page 1 / 3
if your report contains 3 pages.

With QRA components, it's possible to create report with 50% time less, because the printed version is correct at first time.
1 single developer : 20 Euros (or 20 US$)

Added: 27-09-2001/6-01-2002   |  Version: 1.2   |  Downloads: 634/632/0
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