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INSIDE the the component itself, the sources, and a sample. EXPLANATION OF THE COMPONENT : Component TWindowtime in windowtime.pas. Class Twindowtime is derived from the class TLabel. The windowtime component is a label that receives in real time the windows' running time. This component has some new properties too : - HOUR time, - MINUTE time, - SECOND time. - Copyright >>>>> each of them will give you a STRING result, so you can read them in a label.caption for example. The procedure newtime is the heart of the component itself. It sends back to HOUR, MINUTE, and SECOND and also inside the label windowtime.caption the window's running time. + a sample software. [more]
READ_ME_FIRST_windowtime.txt contains all you need to know
Added: 9-09-2001   |  Version: 1.0   |  Downloads: 1208/1208/3
Author:Standaert Benoīt   [DSP files]

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These components are part of a package called BST.DPK. They are all derived from TLabel. The object of this package is to provide simple clock utilities and manipulation. List of the components included in the BST package : Windowtime : it gives you the windows' running time. Apptime : it gives you the application's running time. Countdowntime : it gives you a count down. Systemtime : it gives you the time or the date, blinking or not. More explanation can be find inside the zip file (*.txt file) The whole package and the samples are FREEWARE, sources included. [more]
Added: 16-09-2001   |  Version: 1.0   |  Downloads: 1317/1317/1
Author:Standaert Benoīt   [DSP files]


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