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Weyhe, July 2001 DBCreate.exe copyright by Rolf Kurtz Program information: DBCreate is a tool for Delphi-Database programmers with the database basis of 'Paradox-Tables'. 1st with same, managed all in the database. 2nd imported. The 'Borland Database Engine' must be fitted. It is not guaranteed, that every structure is recognized correctly, however, all usual structures might be imported problem-free. The program is 'freeware' and may be used freely. The use occurs however on own danger ! It is not taken over from damage to any assurance for any kind that the use of the Prorammes is to be put down to. You should find program errors, I am thankful for a short E-Mail with corresponding error description. A lot of fun during the job with this tool. Rolf Kurtz E-Mail:
Added: 23-08-2001   |  Version: 1.2   |  Downloads: 1/1/0
Author:Rolf Kurtz   [DSP files]


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