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TBTRVTable data access components library offers some nonvisual components for Borland Delphi. They serve for access to Btrieve / P.SQL RDBMS. TBTRVTable is an alternative to other access components like Pervasive's PDAC, Reggatta's Titan and some others. Using TBTRVTable component gives you the following advantages:
  • No distributing, installing and configuring the BDE or ODBC;
  • You can use any Delphi Professional Edition to develop client/server application;
  • Uses many Btrieve interface's specific features;
  • Speeds up retrieving records from a table;
  • Provides automatic locking and refreshing records;
  • Interface (methods, properties) of TBTRVTable components is similar to standard BDE data access components (TDatabase, TTable, ..);
  • Supports all data-aware components;
  • Performs at least twice as fast as any of our competition
  • Remains stable even with very large BLOB data manipulations
  • Supports P.SQL 2000i DDF files (including true null)

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