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    RAPWare is the product of a merger between Okay Automatisering and Mensand Software. For the past years Okay has been developing custom build (database) applications for the Dutch market. During these years Mensand Software (well known for its QReport Artist) and Okay Automatisering worked together on numerous products. We even developed a framework together for creating client-server database applications. This framework was, and still is, the key success factor for Okay Automatisering. Because of this framework Okay can develop faster and better applications than its competitors. After a conference, someone asked us where he could download the framework to do some application development for himself....and so RAPWare was born.




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The time of none-customisable applications is over. In order to be competitive you need to have some macro or scripting language embedded in your applications. Because of our frustration with the existing solutions for embedding scripting languages we decided to write our own scripting control. This resulted in two products: RAPWare Easy Script (based upon Microsoft Scripting Technologies) The scripting control can be implemented with just a few lines of code. Just like other scripting solutions you can use any object, function, or variable you have in your Delphi source within your scripts. The difference with other scripting solutions is that you DON'T have to generate .TLB's or other kind of import files. This makes working with one of the RAPWare scripting controls as easy as pie. Pascal Scripting supports the Delphi Script language, a subset of Object Pascal. The engine does not compile the scriptcode into native processor code. The code is interpreted at runtime. You can download some demo applications at our download page. You can also take a look at the online tutorial or at the Frequently Asked Questions. Ofcourse you can also download a trial version of the RAPWare ScriptControl so you can see for yourself how easy it is to embed scripting into your application. If you have any questions or want more info... let us know at Greetings from the RAPWare development team.
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