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  EvoCorp Corporate Solutions (Ashley Godfrey) [email][Home]

    EvoCorp specialise in providing Delphi tools and components, such as our flagship Delphi plug-in "the Delphi Resource Inspector" and our Internet Explorer container, "ActiveIE". EvoCorp also specialise in providing applications solutions for the entire corporate spectrum, an area in which we have developed a proven track record.Since 1994 EvoCorp have been developing corporate packages tailored to meet individual business needs, ranging from statistical analysis software for government organizations to "point of sale" systems for one of Australia's largest pharmaceutical companies. Whatever you business, let EvoCorp develop a solution for you.




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The Delphi Resource Inspector is an advanced Delphi expert, or plug-in designed to accelerate development times through resource management. The Delphi Resource Inspector embeds itself within the Delphi IDE and provides simple, easily available resources such as: - The type library viewer, allowing registered type libraries to be browsed in native Object Pascal - Web browsing - Internet and newsgroup metasearching - Borland Community - File and project history tracking - Project module tracking - Component source tracking - Component type and hierarchy information - Delphi IDE component tree, type and hierarchy information for Opentools API developers - Win32-SDK style interface of Delphi#s on-line help for instant indexing and query capabilitiesCode editor integration The Delphi Resource Inspector allows users to conduct Internet and Newsgroup meta-searches, providing an easy-to-use interface to the world#s biggest information library, the Internet. Whereas using the Internet to find information can be confusing, frustrating and often fruitless using conventional means the Delphi Resource Inspector is specifically designed to search for and retrieve information relating to programming, and more importantly, Delphi programming - without leaving the Delphi IDE. [more]
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