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Threaded VCL component emulates PC text console mode. Was created for easy ports of old DOS applications to Windows ME and 2000. Has a psuedo b800 direct memory segment buffer for applications that used direct screen writes. Has most of the Borlands CRT unit and BGI graphic functions built into object. Text characters are generated by rom font files and is completly customable. Screen size and resolution is completly scalable. Blink attributes, flashing cursor, toggle for intense background colors. This component can handle it all. Example telnet program included that uses two Turbo Pascal 7.0 units that does RIP emulation and ANSI were ported to the new VCL.
You may do what ever you want with the source but if you use it you must give credit to the programmers that worked on it.
Added: 14-03-2001   |  Version: Alpha 6   |  Downloads: 1329/1329/2
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