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[ ResWriter.exe ] [ 1,348,608 bytes ] [ Freeware ] [ No Source ]
Is a multipurpose GUI-to-Command-Line utility that writes script-files. You can create the files .RC, .RES and a Res-Only-DLL. The scripts are then sent via command line to the compilers to create the Resource-File Constructing a resource file becomes tedious when you need to add files from multiple sources and or find multiple file-types - not to mention setting compiler parameters. ResWriter also, utilizes a cabinet-scripting tool in which you can compress your file(s) and include them into your application as resources. In addition, ResWriter comes with a small Icon-Extraction tool. Clicking on a file reveals the number of icons contained within a file. To which these icon(s) are easily extracted from the file and saved to disk with very little effort.
Added: 7-03-2001   |  Version: n/a   |  Downloads: 571/571/0
Author:Wendel Jones   [DSP files]


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