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    The page with all components and actual informations about GBase system. Polish part includes section about win API programming and invention metods (i.e. rational methods and brain storm).




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Many database components are inherited from Borland's data-access components.
Do you own the legal buyed database components and engine?
If you are only "delphi 5 standard" owner, this relational database is for You.
- This database is standalone, not based on BDE or another engines, need no Borland's data-access libraries to have,
- You don't need install additional files for your enduser program,
- You have the quick access to stored data through indexes, finding and filtering methods,
- You can store all types of data (new: you can store files as well as another type data),
- You have for your disposal the main non-visual components, and visual data-aware controls: StringGrid, Edit, Label, ListBox, CheckListBox, ComboBox, Memo, RichEdit, ScrollPositioner, UpDownPositioner, ImgPositioner, MapPositioner,
- The GBaseCreator (tool program), the help and examples are included also.
- This FREE version has limitation:You can use only up to 500 records in one table,
- The PRO version (look at homepage) has no limitation and free update.

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