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I See! is an integrated ISO 9002 systems documentation and quality assurance tool, a CASE tool, and a data maintenance tool for developers working with xBase format data. ISO features: * Data audit with ISO reporting * Powerful data dictionary and ISO data documentation for your projects * xBase field domains * Data standardization and normalization CASE features: * Reverse engineers data directories * Creates complete Delphi 5 data modules * Offers intelligent data population * Writes "create" and "browse" code in 4 computer languages xCmd (DBMS) features: * xCmd offers a dBase style "Dot prompt" command interpreter. Over 60 commands and over 40 functions are supported ...each command is a feature in itself! * xCmd offers concurrently open production, compound & single order tags. Persistant index tag associations even with single order tags. Attachment of invalid index bags is not allowed. * xCmd allows easy multi-field AVERAGE, REPLACE, and SUM commands. Numeric underflow will never occur. [more]
The archive contains InstallShield files needed for setup. This version is for Borland developers, and assumes that the installation system has the Borland 5 VLC's. Other versions for other developers are available on the author's web.
Added: 25-12-2000/23-01-2001   |  Version: 1.0.19   |  Downloads: 589/536/1
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