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IB LogManager is a data logging tool for InterBase# and Firebird. IB LogManager logs data changes in the database for each data manipulation operation (Delete/Insert/Update) on specific database objects (tables, columns). You are able to define easily, which database objects should be logged. If you are interested in logging a history (changes) of prices in a table ARTICLE, just define it with one mouse-click. It's easy and no programming needed! Features:
  • Implemented with Jason Wharton's IBObjects
  • Supports InterBase 5.x, InterBase 6.x and Firebird (Dialect 1, 3) databases
  • Supports table operation logging
  • Supports table column logging
  • Supported datatypes for column logging are INTEGER, SMALLINT, FLOAT, DOUBLE PRECISION, NUMERIC, DECIMAL, DATE, TIME, TIMESTAMP, CHAR/VARCHAR up to 32765 characters and BLOB (currently only for InterBase® and Firebird on Windows; Linux version is in BETA)
  • Supports user-definable conditional logging
  • Supports transaction ID logging (only Firebird v1.5 and higher)
  • Logging mechanism is integrated in the database. No extra coding in your client application necessary
  • A powerful Prepare-Wizard supports you in creating all necessary logging metadata objects
  • English or German logging metadata names
  • Load/Save logging metadata names within the Prepare-Wizard from/to a file
  • Unprepare-Wizard cleans up your database from all logging data and logging metadata
  • Supports a user-friendly way to define which database objects should be logged
  • Definition of operation/column logging for a specific table or the complete database with one step
  • Logging definition can be reused on similar databases by using the built-in logging definition Import/Export functionality
  • Logging metadata of a prepared database can be exported and used on an unprepared database to prepare it without using the Prepare-Wizard
  • Disable logging temporarily before doing a data import process without deleting all logging definitions
  • Shows statistics how many operations and columns are registered for logging
  • Supports browsing in logged data
  • Load/Save browsing criterias from/to a file
  • Logged data can be exported into one of the following formats (MS Excel, MS Word, RTF, HTML, Text, XML, CSV, DIFF, SYLK, LaTeX, SQL, Windows Clipboard)
  • Logdata reporting ability
  • An integrated BLOB-viewer enables the view of logged BLOB data with following formats and optional ZLib compression (BMP, WMF, ICO, JPG, OLE-Data, TXT, CSV, RTF)
  • Multilingual (English, German, Russian, Spanish, Danish, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, French, User-Defined)
  • An external application called SIL-Editor can be used to translate IB LogManager into your native language
  • IBam (Interbase Alias Manager) support
  • Enables you to integrate the IBO DML Caching mechanism into your IBO application in a very easy way.
  • Online-Help
  • Available as stand-alone application, EMS QuickDesk PlugIn or as IB Expert PlugIn
  • A Read-Only version of IB LogManager (IBLM Viewer), only for browsing, printing logged data is available as separate product
  • IBLMPump v1.0 - The IBLM Log Data Pump Utility is available for registered IB LogManager customers
  • Registered users have unlimited E-Mail support and longlife product updates free of charge
30-day time limit. Full functionality during this period
30-day time limit. Full functionality during this period
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