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This component allows the developer to create reports using an easy to learn layout language. The user is given the option to print to any of the attached printers (including fax), preview to screen or output to file. Additional options of Font and No of Copies are available to the user at runtime.

Delphi lacks powerful printing support. This is difficult to provide because writing components to make printing easier generally gives less power to the programmer.

Delphi has a very powerful printing tool called TPrinter. Through TPrinter, practically any report can be produced. But writing TPrinter reports takes a long time because the programmer has to handle complications like page breaks and text positioning. An added complication is that every printer has it's own canvas sizes. This means text specified to be output at pixel 300 by 250 may be somewhere to the left on one printer and may be off the page on another.

Super Printer dynamically handles pages so that writers of Super Printer syntax do not have to worry about different printer sizes or page breaks, but still have the power of TPrinter. Super Printer can do this by ignoring the actual printer size and calculating everything in percentages of the page.

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