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CPUID asm instruction wrapper component, reveals CPU's Serial Number, Cache Descriptor and available features (FPU, VME, DE, PSE, TSC, MSR, PAE, MCE, CX8, APIC, SEP, MTRR, PGE, MCA, CMOV, PAT, PSE-36, PSN/PPN, CLFlush, DTES, ACPI, MMX, FXSR, ISSE/XMM, ISSE2, SSNOOP, ACC, JMPE), retrieves Windows Global Info (Hardware Profile, System, OS Version and Memory Status). Calls CPUID for virtually any specified level and get all of the results. You may even see it's capabilities in design mode, just right-click and pick one of 4 samples on the menu items. Demo program included, and most of all: FREE WITH SOURCE. [more]
Added: 26-10-2000   |  Version: 1001   |  Downloads: 6289/6289/12
Author:aa   Dadang Sofyan   [DSP files]

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TdbCheckFlags & TqrdbCheckFlags are TCheckBox variants with capability to checks the specified N-th bit (0 to 31), whether is set or cleared. Applied to Boolean, String, and any numeric type of field (they treated as integer 32-bit anyway). See demo application for example of usage. [more]
Added: 5-11-2000   |  Version: 1001   |  Downloads: 3988/3988/3
Author:aa   Dadang Sofyan   [DSP files]


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