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The Really Useful Program for Setting Delphi Project Options

Is your software made up from oodles of individual Delphi projects and packages?
Do you need their compiler options set differently for development, debug, release etc?
Is it a real pain to change the compiler options on all of them?
Or got a monster of a batch file to try and automate the process?

If so #The Really Useful Program For Setting Delphi Project Options# is for you!

Download it, Install it, Use it

It#s really easy.

      Set ALL project options.
      Same UI as Delphi option panels.
      Options can be changed or left the SAME.

      SCANS folders for all projects and packages.
      Choose project and packages to IGNORE.

      CHANGE the options in projects and packages.
      Change options and BUILD! projects and packages

      Full text LOG of build process, output to screen or file.

      REMEMBERS settings from last execution.
      SAVE and load all settings.
      Save and LOAD just project and packages list.

click here to visit the site.

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