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    dataWeb has been founded in 1998 to take over the TurboDB product line from the German publishing company Vogel-Verlag. Our mission is to provide powerful yet easy-to-use database development components and tools for multiple platforms, i.e. Windows, World Wide Web and Linux. Until now TurboDB products have been employed over 50.000 times in Germany only. dataWeb is now expanding to the international market with its new products TurboDB Components and dataWeb Builder.




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TurboDB is a compact multi-user database engine for Kylix, Delphi and C++ Builder. The package also includes database, table, query and batch move components, which are 100% compatible across platforms and identical in use to the corresponding BDE components. TurboDB is a reliable and fast database that makes it easy for you to migrate from BDE to a much smaller database engine that can share database tables between platforms.
Visit for further information and versions for Kylix 2 and Kylix 3
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