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   Kodiak has been designed to give you a place to store and easily retrieve the code you frequently use.

The Editors

Two independently configurable editors for editing topics and files.

Syntax Highlighting

Kodiak supports syntax highlighting and includes 30 pre-configured syntax highlighting schemes. Topics are saved with individual syntax schemes, so you can store code for different languages in one Kodiak file, and each will display and edit with the appropriate syntax highlighting. You may also customize existing syntax schemes, or create new syntax schemes.

Code Templates

Along with syntax highlighting is support for code templates, which can be created and or edited for each language. Code templates for Clipper, Delphi, and C++ Builder are included.

Topic Limits (per file)

Freeware 100

Registered 10K

Additional Features

Syntax Highlight Printing


URL Support

Internal Links

Encryption *

Import/Export RTF/HTML Files *

Project Files *

* registered version only


Registered version: $35.00 Buy it

Added: 17-09-2000   |  Version: 1.0   |  Downloads: 665/665/0
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