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A fast associative array targeted specifically at create and looking up associations between strings and 32-bit untyped fields (usually pointers to records or classes).

  • Compromises in favor of speed: string - 32-bit pointer only
  • Has protected interface for custom memory allocation.
  • Supports function pointer and method pointer iteration
  • Plug-in different hash function
 hash.add('abc', myobject); TMyObject(hash['abc']).Whatever; if not hash.Find('abc', myobject) then .. TObject(hash.remove('abc')).Free; // removes and frees without temp hash.Iterate(nil, Iterate_FreeObjects); 

Added: 31-08-2000   |  Version: 1.1   |  Downloads: 4036/4036/2
Author:Barry Kelly   [DSP files]


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