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Microsoft Excel 97/2000-based Report Generator. Unfortunatelly documented in Russian.
Added: 30-07-2000   |  Version: 2.04 (July 26, 2000)   |  Downloads: 4780/4780/5
Author:Andrew N. Driazgov   [DSP files]

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QMemory is a new memory manager. You can use it as a replacement of the default system memory manager. To do this simply add QMemory unit in your project (as the first unit listed in the project file). Don't forget to call the QMemCompact function when your application is idle. This subroutine decommits the unused memory blocks and compacts an internal table for speeding up the memory manager. All allocated memory blocks are 32 byte aligned. The minimum size of the block is 32 bytes. As it is necessary to store some information with each block a dword is attached to the front of each block at -4 the aligned address. Thus, memory requests for up to 28 bytes allocate a 32 byte block, requests for 29 to 60 bytes allocate a 64 byte block, etc. This idea was adopted from HPMM project of Robert Lee ( The memory is committed and decommitted in 64K blocks. The maximum amount of the memory is specified when QMemInstall function is called (from the initialization section of the unit). You can't change this value later. This memory manager works at the same speed as a default memory manager with the blocks up to 4096 bytes and much more faster with the larger blocks. If some parts of your program implemented as DLLs you have to use ShareQmm instead of QMemory unit. }
Added: 11-01-2001/28-01-2001   |  Version: 2.01   |  Downloads: 4109/4104/1
Author:Andrew N. Driazgov   [DSP files]


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