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    expectIT GmbH provides system solutions for medium size enterprises. Sven Lohmann is the software developer for database applications and client/server solutions.




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iNAP in the version 2 covers the visual components TIQuery, TIDatabase, TIUpdateSQL and TITable (as well as some classes to the further access, e.g. TIfxCursor, TIfxBlobstream, TIDataset). Access over a TDataSet is possible as in the BDE. This presupposes that you are in the possession the Delphi 5 Professional version at least. The access without BDE is altogether measurably and perceptibly faster and makes the application development based on databases of the Informix Dynamic Server familly (also IDS 2000) of pleasant, fast and easier development than with the powerful but oversized BDE. On our homepage you will find additionally some examples, frequently asked questions and the help file for separate Download or an online one. The version 1 (no TDataset support) is no longer available.
This version comes with a nag-screen on connect event and on every execution. Source is available to order seperatly, registration is handled by ShareIT.
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