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Delphi-ics is a wrapper to CyberSource's Win DLL for C/PERL. It will allow you to communicate with the CyberSource Commerce servers(provided you have a merchant id) thru the Cybersource windows DLL that was written for C and Perl interfacing. Just include the wrapper file(ics_wrapper.pas) to any project via the "uses" clause and your good to go! I created a simple test app so you can see how its used. Everything is fully commented. One note. CyberSources new DLL( only works on NT! v3.2.0.0 works on Win95/98 with no problem, although I dont know why you would run a webserver on 95/98! My wrapper works with both. Developed with, and only tested in Delphi 5. Should work fine with D2, D3, or D4.
Hope this helps someone!
Added: 30-07-2000   |  Version: 1.0   |  Downloads: 2594/2594/5
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