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TbcParser implements parse once-evaluate many times type of parsing for mathematical expressions given as strings. TbcParser is especially useful in scientific, engineering programs. It allows creation of custom variables and functions to be used in the expressions. It#s internal arithmetic uses #Extended# storage for floating point numbers. This mathematical expression parser component parses and evaluates a mathematical expression that may contain variables and functions. Examples to typical expressions are: SIN(3.14)+5^2+POW(2,7)-MAX(10,20) ( [ SIN(X)^2 ] + COS(1) ) * PI/2 '( COSH(2.71)+ SINH( COS(0.5) * POW(0.2345, 0.67) )) - LOG(1-X^2+X^5)' (90+292*POW(X,0.31))*(1+0.025*LOG(Y))*(1-1*POW(Y+X,1.09)) '25993.894*EXP(-1.53389*(X-32))*POW(X, 0.13547)*POW(Y, 0.38603)*EXP(-0.36222*Y)' The user can add/remove his/her own custom variables and functions to be used in the expression. To be efficient in repeated calculations, parser creates a parse tree at first and reuses this parse tree for each evaluation without the need to reparse. If Optimization is on, the parse tree will be optimized by calculating constant expression sections at once so that further evaluation requests will be quicker. TbcParser can be used with Delphi 4, 5 and C++ Builder 3, 4, 5 TbcParser full version comes with the Pascal source code and there is also a help file for reference and a demo application for aid in getting started.
Trial runs while IDE is running
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