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The WPI Components Package (MIDAS alternative)
  • TWPIDataSocket Provides your client application connectivity to the WPI Server. User authentication, client versioning and more.
  • TWPIClientDS A 100% compatible dataset that serves as just more than a table. Use this component as a query or table, filters can be executed on the server and again once the data is returned to the client without having to do any request extra from the WPIFileServer. Extended search capabilities, brief case tables for offline use, ability to fetch blobs upon demand, cached updates and more.
  • TWPIShell Set the URL or Email address and fire up the users default web browser or email client all with one command. Also works with standard windows applications with registered extensions.
  • TWPIFileDlg Provides transparent file and directory access to your server as if you were on your own machine. Just set a few properties and it's all there. Upload, Download, Rename, Delete and much more. No coding necessary.
  • WPIFileServer The backbone of the entire package. A Multithreaded TCP/IP server that serves up the data, manages files, users, messaging, individual user logging, client versioning and more. Current databases supported are Interbase, Informix, Oracle, MS SQL Server, Foxpro, Sybase, Access, Paradox, DBase, DBISAM, ODBC.
Due to the huge success of WPI Components release 2.0 has been started and is currently in development. The release will include a revised WPIClientDS, better client authentication and a lot more functionality.
Delphi 5 Professional or Enterprise Edition Required(!)

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