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    Watt Computers is an established company providing quality Delphi components, web site design and bespoke application development. On this site you will find information, downloads and links for the products and services we offer. Watt Computers have maintained a web presence for over 4 years and have kept pace with the changing world of the Internet. With the emphasis on quality and customer service Watt Computers plan to continue providing great products and services for many years to come. Take some time to look around the site, we are constantly adding new features. Feel free to let us know about anything you would like to see.




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The THTMLExport component makes it possible to produce high quality HTML documents based on any data set. Don't use the BDE? No problem! If your preferred database engine has TDataSet descendant components then this is the component for you. Every line of code is native Delphi code and there are no DLLs or other software requirements. Smart data interpretation and efficient code gives the component reliability and speed. Detailed explanations of every new property, method and event are included in a familiar "Borland style" help file. With an impressive list of features the component is an essential part of every developers toolbox. [more]
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