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    olutionsBase Ltd is the developer of the discrete event simulation software, baseSim. baseSim v.1.0 is now available as a FREE download from our website, in the form of components for the Borland Delphi RAD software.




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baseSim Simulation Components form an Object-Oriented Suite of Borland Delphi Components which can be used to build Simulation Models and Simulation Applications. baseSim features:
  • Easy to use and to develop
  • Rapid 'Drag and Drop' development
  • Ability to build complex, flexible and standalone Models
  • High speed, fully compiled execution
  • Close integration to Delphi (e.g. Design-time and Run-time Component Editors)
  • Model Hierarchy
  • Multi-threaded EventController
  • Statistical Distributions for model experimentation
  • Graphical Statistical Distribution Editor
  • Disruptions and Failures
  • Blocking behaviour
  • Flow Decision Control
  • Automatic Statistics Collection
  • Animation of Material Flow and Movable Objects
  • Graphical Connector Lines between Objects
  • Smooth Scrolling and Zooming of Simulation Forms
  • Model Object Browser
  • Model Integrity Checker
  • Data Tables, Stacks and Queues
  • Integrated Help (Design-time and Run-time)
  • On-line Technical Support.
baseSim version 1.x has been released completely FREE of charge. That means that there is no charge for the software, no charge for licensing and no charge for deployment. solutionsBase Ltd. charges for other ancillary services such as training, consultancy and bespoke model building.
Delphi Versions: 4.0 and 5.0
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