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Application installer for Windows 95/98/NT4/2000.
  • All distribution package is going in one exe-file. At its installation it is not required anything else.
  • For packing data can use not only ZIP, but also the compression system of the well-known archiver RAR.
  • Supports several languages in the created distribution packages. The installation script can depend on the chosen language.
  • Checks the versions and dates of copied files.
  • Can replace in-use (locked by system) files.
  • Correctly works both in Windows 9x, and in Windows NT. The installation script can adjusts depending on a Windows platform.
  • Can make changes in the registry.
  • Can make changes in the ini-files.
  • Can create groups and shortcuts in the "Main menu".
  • Can register OLE/ActiveX servers.
  • Can register fonts.
  • Can execute external programs.
  • Correctly installs/uninstalls shared files.
  • Automatically determines a location of the various system directories ("Desktop", "Program Files", "Startup" etc.).
  • Has tuning user interface (colors, fonts, bitmaps,...).
  • Contains several predefined dialogs ("Welcome", "License agreement" etc.).
  • It is possible to set, what dialogs to show, and also to define the order of their occurrence.
  • During installation it automatically determines, whether is necessary reboot. If yes, after application's install it reboots the computer (if the user wants this, of course).
  • The automatic removing of the installed application is possible (if the uninstall program is included to the distribution package).
  • Setting password on the distribution package is possible.
  • The size of the distribution package grows on 70-80 KB in comparison with simple archiving (on 100 KB, if uninstaller is included to the package).
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Added: 25-04-2000/23-06-2000   |  Version: 1.5   |  Downloads: 2874/2848/3
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