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The TscExcelExport component is an advanced, powerfull but easy component to export all records of a dataset from Delphi to MS Excel (97, 2000, XP or 2003). Many features are provided to change the layout, to add totals, to create groups, ...

Properties All kinds of settings to change the layout of the worksheet are provided.

  • Name of worksheet and file
  • Header texts
  • Begin row of header, titles (=fieldnames) and data (fieldvalues)
  • Width of columns or autofit
  • Font of header, titles, summary and data (Alignment, WrapText, Orientation)
  • Backgroundcolor and borders of header, titles, summary and data
  • Summaries for numeric or given fields (SUM, MIN, MAX, AVG)
  • Create groups with given fields
  • A lot of other options to customize the result
  • To define the background color and font color, size, name and bold style of each cell
  • For exporting data without using a TDataset
  • Export to Excel
  • Save worksheet as XLS, HTM or CSV
  • Show print preview
Type library / COM
  • This component uses the Office server components from the Borland COM type library (Excel97 or Excel2000).
  • So MS Excel should be installed on the PC when using this component.
Demo application
  • A full demo application is supplied to view and test all features of the component.

If you like this component and/or you are using it in a commercial environment then you can register it. The registration cost is #30 or 30 US$. You can register yourself online on the website of Reg.Net (ID = 11696) :
Added: 9-08-2004/14-02-2005   |  Version: 3.3   |  Downloads: n/a
Author:Stefan Cruysberghs   Stefan Cruysberghs   [Homepage]   [DSP files]

[ link: index.php?Page=DownloadFontCombobox ] [ size n/a ] [ Freeware ] [ With Source ]
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The TscFontCombobox component is an advanced combobox which shows the available Windows fonts. A lot of features for preview, used fonts, show font types (truetype, printer, symbol), ... are provided. This component provides all features of the Microsoft and Corel font combobox.
Added: 9-08-2004/6-12-2004   |  Version: 1.1   |  Downloads: n/a
Author:Stefan Cruysberghs   Stefan Cruysberghs   [Homepage]   [DSP files]

[ link: index.php?Page=DownloadPicto ] [ size n/a ] [ Freeware ] [ No Source ]

Picto is an advanced icons, glyphs and (resource) bitmaps viewer and editor. The program has a lot of graphical effects and unique features for software developers.

  • Nice and user-friendly interface.
  • View all (resource) bitmaps, cursors and icons in BMP, JPG, ICO, ANI, CUR, DLL, EXE, ICL, CPL, BPL, OCX, SCR, RES and DCR-files.
  • Properties window with all information about the current file and images (number of images, size, colorpalette, ...) displayed in a treeview.
  • Save images as BMP/JPG (with different colorpalettes and compression).
  • Save images as ICO with 16 or 256 colors (16x16, 32x32, 48x48).
  • Edit images with a range of graphical effects (rotate, mirror, create disabled image, convert to greyscale, contrast and brightness, create bevel, color balance, soften and sharpen, emboss, add shadow, ... ) using a transparent color.
  • The edit window also contains a small painting program to draw lines, rectangles, circles, ...
  • Create a special glyph (=small bitmap for buttons) containing 2,3 or 4 images showing a status of a button (up, disabled, clicked, down). This glyph can be used for TSpeedbutton or TBitBtn components in Delphi or C++ Builder. 
  • Add images to a TImageList, change the order and set the properties. Afterwards this TImageList can be pasted in Delphi or C++Builder.
  • Generate HTML pages to catalogue your images with hyperlinks.
  • Resize or crop big bitmaps to the size of an icon.
  • Capture a part of the screen with a fixed size (16x16, 20x20, 32x32, 48x48, ...).
  • Change the background image of the desktop (tile, center, stretch).
  • Change the system icons (my computer, recycle bin, printers, ....)
  • Copy images to the clipboard as a bitmap, TBitBtn, TSpeedButton or TImage.
  • Internal copy, move, delete, rename features for files.
  • A lot of options for viewing images, organizing the interface, links to file paths, copying of Delphi/C++Builder components, links to external editors, ...

Added: 9-08-2004   |  Version: 4.51   |  Downloads: n/a
Author:Stefan Cruysberghs   Stefan Cruysberghs   [Homepage]   [DSP files]


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