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  Pavol Stugel (Pavol Stugel) [email][Home]

    Unit to work with graphics. Many effects like: motion blur, alpha blending, antialiasing, text, texture mapping, save/load from BMP/TGA.. Win32 GDI/DirectX 6/DOS(WDosX) versions !!! Full source code!!! Many examples, links...




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Fast free graphics library for delphi. New version of old Graph64 lib. Many news features and better code organization. More TBitmap compatible, DelphiX support ... blendings functions(bmCopy, bmDisolve, bmLens, bmGrayScale, bmBlendAdd, bmLightness, bmDarkness, bmAlpha, bmAlphaTransform. bmShadow, bmAxialTransparency). Cliping, plug-in like style for blending ... Example included ... Now with Filter mode support.
Added: 16-04-2000/19-08-2002   |  Version: 0.1f   |  Downloads: 11343/10641/20
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