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WebApp is a Delphi-based development framework for Web server applications. Applications written using WebApp are always stand-alone executables, running outside the server's address space. This fact ensures that a bug in the application does not bring down the entire server, a danger inherent in DLL-based server extension standards such as ISAPI, NSAPI or WSAPI. The interface between the Web server and the WebApp application is implemented using a small protocol-specific stub. We have such stubs available for ISAPI, CGI, Win-CGI, WSAPI and NSAPI. The purpose of the stub is to perform as a safe gateway between the Web server and the application. The request from the server and the response from the WebApp applications are relayed using an efficient in-memory inter-process communication protocol. WebApp supports ISAPI, NSAPI, WSAPI, CGI and WinCGI servers. It also provides many routines and components which make Web programming a lot easier, such as HTML generation components, data-aware components, SMTP control for sending email, on-the-fly conversion of bitmaps to GIF/JPEG, Ad-management component, browser capabilities detection and more [more]
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