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RGS Component pack contains six dataaware components: TRGSDBInspector: Simple and easy to use component for showing data from any datasource like properties in Object Inspector: each database field is shown is separate row: left is DisplayLabel and right DisplayText. TRGSDSChooser: Compound component like Object Inspector in Delphi: You choose a datasource from combobox and its active record is displayed in associated TRGSDBInspector. TRGSBMChooser: Component to collect and view bookmarks. TRgsFieldStore: Component to collect field information for use in different TRgsDBInspector components. TRgsFieldNotes: With TRgsFieldNotes You can collect comments (notes) about fields (validation results, for example). These comments could been shown in TRgsDBInspector via hints. For each comment You could define color, what will be used to paint DisplayLabel. TRgsStringStore: This is like a dynamic array to save information in string format. [more]
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