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TIrcClient is a IRC component that has been based on RFC 1459. TIrcClient is not limited. It allows you to completely read RawData sent from the IRC server and Send Raw Messages back to the IRC server. 22 Methods, 11 properties, and 18 OnEvents all of which to make your life a bit easyer when programming your own IRC client. TIrcClient Does not support DCC protocol. DCC protocol is considered an extra and is not in RFC 1459. Ident protocol is not supported by TIrcClient, but you can download the Tident Server Protocol which is separate from TIrcClient. TIrcClient component will be updated monthly.
Added: 23-01-2000   |  Version: 1.3.01 beta   |  Downloads: 2566/2566/4
Author:Greg Timmons   Shadeline Inc.   [DSP files]


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