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  Flamma informatica (Flamma Informatica) [email][Home]

    Flamma is a specialized company in development of components, applications and systems related with the reception, generation or treatment of images. We possessed, besides applications and components for treatment of images, that were developed in Delphi, systems for generation and transmission of images.




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PICTOR Image Editor is a software to create and edit images. Now in the version 0.22-beta, this product have a lot of resources but is very thin, with PICTOR you can apply many filters, transformations and work with transparencies,textures, shapes and polygons. But your major characteristic is it was developed using the available resources in the ATELIE's package.
Effects: (Solarize,Posterize,Ripple(sine and saw tooth), Whirl,Pinch,Waves,Emboss,Blur,Splitblur,Motion blur,Plasma,Lens, Fisheye,Noise (gaussian, exponential, poisson, impulse, uniform and spray),Rank (medium, minimum and maximum), Sobel, Marble, Convolutions (blurs, smoothings, mexican hat, shadows, emboss, sharpens, wood, ripples, chisel, jiggle, spackles,texture, psyche, and customs convolutions), Mirror,Equalize
Filters:(Contrast,Negative,Lightness,Grayscale,rgb, hsl, hsv and lab)
Textures librarys:Standard and Basic01 (at flamma's site)
Shapes librarys: Standard and Basic01 (at flamma's site)
Help files: Portuguese Version (at flamma's site)
Update notes:

Internationalization - The application was reformulated to support versions in several languages;
Version in Portuguese - Accomplished the translation of Pictor for Portuguese;
Roll-up of windows - Options of Roll-up were implemented for the windows "Shapes" and "Settings", what makes possible a better use of the work area;
Image rotation - Implemented routine for image rotation;
File of Help - The help file was modified by virtue of the alterations accomplished in this version. Now the help is integrated into the application and it can be worked inside of any of this.
The sources of PICTOR will be distributed with the package ATELIE.
Added: 16-01-2000/13-02-2000   |  Version: 0.22   |  Downloads: 1713/1568/3
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