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Utility to quickly locate compressed source files. Quickly scans through zip files searching for specific text string - like a Grep for Zip files. Great for finding things lost in a sea of archives.
Fast and easy to use and customize. Can be tailored to find just about anything stored in a zip file. Includes quick viewing capability, drag-n-drop results, and host app launching.
Added: 5-09-1999   |  Version: 2.1   |  Downloads: 1122/1122/5
Author:Brendan Daunt   Windswept Software LLC   [Homepage]   [DSP files]

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TWebPageImage Ver 1.0 Creates High quality Thumbnails (or full images) of any web page which can then be saved to either BMP, JPG, or PNG formats. Features Timed updates, Drag-n-drop, and Custom Views Local popup menu also enables full display or lanches in browser. Can be used as both visible and non-visible component for generating web page thumbnails [more]
Added: 17-01-2001   |  Version: 1.0   |  Downloads: 711/711/0
Author:Brendan Daunt   Windswept Software LLC   [Homepage]   [DSP files]


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