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PBPathList is a component that makes it easier to use to the Windows built-in shellfolders. Depending on your Windows version it makes a list with 20-40 paths. The individual paths can be called like: PBPathList1['%PERSONAL%']. The component can simulate paths not present on the system. Included is the free 'SHFolder.dll' which let you access shell-folders on older systems - even those not defined. You can build system-independent paths like '%PERSONAL%\MyFolder' and get the actual path at runtime. You decide the case of the returned paths: pcDontCare, pcLower, pcUpper, pcUpperName (First letter upper - the rest lower). Also included are some functions to work with paths: 'DisplayPath', 'FullPath', 'CreateShellfolder' and 'UpperName'. Version can also get the displaynames of virtual folders. Version has been optimized by dynamically loading 'SHFollder.dll' and only making one list even if you have several PBPathList components in your application. Context-sensitive help is included. Compiled demo can be download from my homepage. [more]
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