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The ZEOS Library is a set of Delphi Components for easy access of MySQL. The included components are: TParser - component to calculate formulas TMySQLDatabase - component to access a MySQL Database TMySQLTransact - component to post updates directly to the MySQL server, or via the ZEOS Transact server. TMySQLQuery - Full-featured TDataset class: - Support for all data types - Can edit simple and complex queries! - Cached updates - BLOB support - Locate and Lookup - Master-Detail support - Filter support - ZEOS generator support (recommended for cached updates - but not required) - ZEOS transact server support (to emulate MySQL transactions) - well, it is a very complete Dataset! ZEOS library is distributed on the terms of the GPL Public License so it is completly free. ZEOS is developed and is copyright by Sergey Seroukhov (, but, as he is a very busy man, I got the job of distributing and help support the components. I am Rangel Reale (, and you can ask me questions, that I'll forward them to Sergey if needed. For more information, go to:
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