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  E. Spelt | Big Rock software automation (Big Rock SA) [email][Home]

    Big Rock software automation - BRSA - is a Dutch consulting and software developing company working with tools like Delphi and databases MS-SQL en Oracle. Client/Server - multi tier business solutions and telecom are mostly the working area's.




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The QA grid query builder component let your client build the dynamic part of your query via a friendly and easy to handle user interface. The generated where clause is ANSI SQL 92 or Microsoft Access compatible. It's fully configurable for any language (not tested with Chinese characters). This means that all the English (including the operators!) you see in this component can be easily changed in German, Dutch, Spanish, French or anything else you require to suite your needs. The manual is on the Web page.
The manual is in our website. Go to and browse to our product page. Source only when registred.
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