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TColorPickerButton is a special speed button which can be used to let the user select a specific color. The control does not use the standard Windows color dialog, but uses a popup window very similar to the one in Office97, which has been improved a lot to support the task of picking one color out of millions. Included is also the ability to pick one of the predefined system colors (e.g. clBtnFace).
Delphi 4.0 only !
Added: 21-06-1999   |  Version: n/a   |  Downloads: 3228/3228/7
Author:Dipl. Ing. Mike Lischke   [DSP files]

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Virtual Treeview can be characterized by these few core capabilities
  • Virtual Treeview is extremely fast and designed for high speed access.
  • Virtual Treeview is memory sparing which is the premise for speed and capacity.
  • Virtual Treeview is a high capacity control. Classical trees need ~30 MB for 200 000 nodes (if they can hold so many nodes at all). Virtual Treeview needs only ~60 MB for 1 000 000 (that's one million!) nodes.
  • Virtual Tree's design is satisfying professional demands and implements a virtual paradigm, which allows for separating structure and data. This in turn allows for small memory requirements etc.
  • The virtual paradigm required also a new serialization concept to make it possible to save and store a tree to/from a stream (including all user data).
  • Correct system integration by supporting Unicode and OLE Drag'n drop as well as OLE clipboard operations.
  • Virtual Treeview is highly customizable. Several levels of customization support ease the life of component developers writing totally new descentants and application developers who just want to give the tree a little different appearance.

relesed under Mozilla Public License 1.1
Added: 26-12-2000   |  Version: 1.31   |  Downloads: 2611/2611/7
Author:Dipl. Ing. Mike Lischke   [DSP files]


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