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The new version will now contain 8 Components and a few new classes and functions. The components included in the library are :
  1. Standard Components

    • TKNGLabel : An enhanced Label component which allows to draw a Bevel Border around it (using the TKNGBevel class).
      The label also has an OnMouseEnter and an OnMouseLeave event !

    • TKNGURLLabel : A label which descends from the TKNGCustomLabel components, so it also supports the Bevel settings.
      In addition it sopports Hiperlinks to Web Pages and E-Mail

    • TKNGPanel : A descendant from TKNGCustomPanel, which also supports the Bevel Settings and the OnMouseEnter and OnMouseLeave events.

    • TKNGEdit : A TEdit component for which you can set the Backgroundcolor and FontColor for the Disabled Status and the Focused Status.

  2. Data Aware Components

    • TKNGDBNavigator : An enhanced DBNavigator. It descends from the TKNGCustomPanel component so it has the functionalities for the Bevel and such.
      In addition it has some extra buttons (EnterFilter, ApplyFilter, CancelFilter, SetBookmar, GotoBookmark, FreeBookmark, CopyRecord, PrintRecord, PrintList), it can be oriented Horizontally or vertically and the buttons can be grouped in 5 groups.

    • TKNGDBText : A data aware version of the TKNGLabel. It descends from the TKNGCustomLabel so it has the enhanced Bevel support and the OnMouseEnter and OnMouseLeave events.

    • TKNGDBStatusLabel : A Simple DataSet Status Label. It will display the state the dataset is in as well as the FilterState

    • TKNGDBLookupLabel : A simple Lookup Label component which has all the functionality of the TKNGLabel component.

The Library comes with Full Source Code, Online Help files and a Word version of the Online Help files
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