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    SG Data Systems is a premiere provider of Delphi Client/Server, Visual Interdev, Windows, NT, AS/400 and Linux solutions. SG Data Systems has done everything from real-time Internet stock charts to integrating complex EDI systems using Internet technologies, AS/400, Vax VMS and Windows NT. Why pay top dollar to train what a big consulting firm sends your way? Get experienced developers that will do short term on site projects or short/long term online projects. Source code and documentation are provided for all systems we develop. We are not trying to sell you on Lotus, IBM, Microsoft or Linux technology like many others. We can use in place systems or help you make a technology decision that fits your business needs, not a vendors pocket. Can you say that about the consulting firms you have dealt with? Contact for more information.




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Client Access Objects 1.5 is the Delphi 4 Open Source solution to your AS/400 client server needs.  Supports Client Access V3R1M3, V3R2M0 and Client Access Express V4R4M0.   Leverage your investment in Client Access without the cost and problems of proprietary middleware solutions.
What is it?
Client Access Objects are a set of Delphi 4 components that encapsulate Client Access OLE Automation Objects.  The following functionality is obtained:
o    Security
o    Database SQL
o    Database DB2
o    Data queues
o    Remote command
o    Distributed program call
I take this a step further by including a TDataSet descendant called TcaoQuery which allows the use of Delphi's data aware controls without using the BDE.  TcaoQuery demonstrates how to use a custom TDataSet with SQL result sets.  Most of the TDataSet examples I have found deal with flat files, so you may find this component a refreshing change.
A set of demo programs are provided that use all of the components in one way or another.  The TcaoQuery component is a very good example that goes beyond the simple demos that IBM and other sources provide.
Client OS:  Windows 95, 98, NT4
Server OS:  OS/400 V3R7M0 through V4R4M0
AS/400 Client Access:  V3R1M3 through V4R4M0
Delphi:  Standard, Professional, Client/Server, Enterprise
Steven P. Goldsmith
SG Data Systems
Delphi, Visual InterDev, NT, SQL Server, AS/400 and Linux development

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