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DIBUltra is a graphical unit. The TDIBUltra object manages DIBs and provides full and speed access to the bitfield. LineTo and others securised graphical routines are ASM optimized (200% to 800% better than GDI) and you can use them in the same way than GDI. DIBUltra has a TCanvas, soo normal utilisation is possible (CopyRect, etc...) DIBUltra is able to load and save BMP DIBs or compressed UDC DIBs (his own format, smaller than Gif) from disk / ressource / stream. Some special effects like (speedy) AlphaBlend are supported. Most of DIBUltra routines are ASM optimized (with comment ;-) ).
5 small Delphi Projects are provided with DIBUltra : # Compress : How to LoadFrom/SaveTo Disk/Ressource
# AboutBox : Demonstration of graphical capabilities
# AlphaDemo : How to show a AlphaBlend effect.
# AlphaTool : This useful tool creates a DIB with Alpha Channel
# Drawing : How to use Buffering/LineTo/PenStyle.
Look at my Delphi/ASM page for SCREENSHOTS and informations. DIBUltra is specially useful too, if you wish to learn DELPHI INLINE ASSEMBLY LANGAGE !
DIBUltra is distributed under the terms of GNU licence. That means, I share all my sources with you. If you want to improve this unit or just encourage me, E-Mail me !
sources only file: ~250 kB
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